One off Customs for Local Charities

Through the creation of bespoke footwear we are always happy to support local charities for events or specific occasions where we can.

Below are pairs which were donated to local charities both of which do amazing work in the Islands community.

LMS Sleeping Baby Appeal

We commissioned two pairs of customa adidas baby shoes for the LMS Sleeping baby appeal.

One pair were donated as a raffle prize and the second to the founder of the charity Nicola Almond.

Craig's Heartstrong Foundation

Created as a gift to Craig Lunt's Mother Paula and for both celebration of what would have been Craig's 40th Year and to recognise the amazing work that this charity has done for 1000's of people of the Isle of Man.

From a personal point of view these were a pleasure to create for one of the nicest guys I have ever had the priveledge of calling a friend.

Keith Flint x Prodigy Custom Trainers

Created to promote Mental Health Awareness with a donation of over 50% of the final sale proceeds given to Isle Listen and Mind,Body and Sole.

The most complex pair of customs produced to date , which also included a bespoke  display box with hand painted graphics and a custom made box sticker.